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C6 Consultancy & Technologies is one of the best website designing company in mumbai, INDIA. We with our team of experts in technology aim to provide IT services to our clients at an affordable cost. We thrive to provide unique and innovative solutions, which with the aid of technology which will boost your company’s image and help in getting better business opportunities.

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At C6® we try our best to provide the most practically feasible Solution as per your requirements. We create beautiful websites which will provide extra ordinary results when it comes to user interaction and usability. We create E-Commerce websites through which you can start selling online immediately.

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We create websites that are fast-loading, graphically appealing, easy to use, and look professional.Our services include carrying out regular updates, website maintenance, search engine optimization(SEO), and compilation and provision of website traffic statistics. We provide ERP consultancy service and also carry out Digital Marketing activities for a lot of companies.

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“Building technical systems involves a lot of hard work and specialized knowledge: languages and protocols, coding and debugging, testing and refactoring. Whats more important is, to recognize which of these technologies do YOU need? Now thats what we are Specialized in. ”

One of the best website designing company in mumbai.

The Vision At C6® we aim to bridge the gap between client and technology, especially at the technical levels and add value to the products and services we serve to our communities.

C6® is more like your consultant, a friend who will give you right advice on what technology to adopt and how much to spend on it. Our expert team will always provide a consultancy service which will double your productivity at half the cost of it.

At C6 we have a vision of using the cutting edge technology to achieve the following:

• Value for Money
• Cost Effectiveness
• Making Technology Simpler
• Practical, Interactive Technical Support
• Safe, Easier, Effective Management and Operation
• Systematic, Precise, Transparent and Uniform Procedures

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